London Dungeon

LET OP!!! Kinderen hebben uitsluitend toegang indien door een volwassene (18+) begeleid!

The London Dungeon is full of frightening fun! From the Victorian stomping ground of Jack the Ripper to Sweeney Todd’s hair-raising barber shop, a hanging inspired drop ride and with plenty of twisted humour, blood, gore and more in between, there’s centuries of history’s horrible bits to discover. Don’t miss the new addition, Surgery: Blood and Guts - Tooley Street’s blundering 18th century butcher-surgeon’s filthy make-shift operating room.

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A tour of The London Dungeon takes approximately 90 minutes.
A height restriction on Extremis Drop Ride to Doom is 1,5 meters.

Kinderen 0 t/m 3 jaar gratis toegang.