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London's most famous tourist attraction has come alive! Why not come and visit us and get up close to your favourite celebrities at this amazing day out in London. 
Stars such as Brad Pitt, Wayne Rooney, Robbie Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and many more are all under one roof at the tourist attraction everyone is talking about.


Located deep within the Chamber of Horrors is an inner-chamber where things take an even scarier turn. Here, a maximum-security prison has been taken over by the unhinged inmates. Live and on the loose, their mission is to give you nightmares. Should you decide to enter the Chamber, first warm up those vocal chords to ensure your screaming ability is at its height. Of course, no one is going to come to your aid.....

Pass through an archway where the words "Abandon all hope All ye who enter here!" are the last you may ever read. 

SCREAM is NOT suitable for under 12's, guests with heart conditions, high blood pressure and pregnant women. 
A dark experience with sudden loud effects and strobe lighting.

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