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Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle Ticket
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Entreeticket tot Warwick Castle


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Experience a totally electrifying visit to Britain's Ultimate Castle. You'll be immersed in over 1000 years of jaw-dropping history, where ancient myths and spellbinding tales will set your imagination alight. Meet history face to face and be prepared to participate in Castle life, from battles and gore, to romance and chivalry.

Explore the 60 acres of landscaped grounds and gardens, which include the beautiful Peacock Garden and Conservatory, the Victorian Rose Garden and Pageant Field. Throughout the year there is a fantastic programme of events including birds of prey, jousting and the world's largest trebuchet in action.

Visitors can also experience Time Tower, a brand new attraction. Take a journey through time on a whirlwind adventure through Warwick Castle's incredible history. Time Tower is an immersive audio visual experience, featuring Castle characters as they embark on an exciting adventure and travel 1,100 years into the past!

Don't miss:

  • The East Front - Marvel at the Castle's mighty defensive towers and ramparts including the gatehouse portcullis
  • The Great Hall and State Rooms - Fully restored to their 17th Century elegance and home to the Castle's most prized artefacts
  • Secrets and Scandals - Experience life, upstairs and downstairs, in a Victorian household
  • The Mound - Explore the trial to the top of the oldest part of the Castle with splendid views of the Castle and grounds
  • Kingmaker - Experience the sights and smells of 15th Century battle
  • Grounds and Gardens - Relax in stunning ‘Capability' Brown landscaped gardens on the banks of the River Avon
  • The Trebuchet - Experience the Warwick Castle Trebuchet, the World's largest mediaeval siege machine
  • The Castle Dungeon - We invite you to delve into the most blood curdling parts of Warwick Castle's history
  • The Towers and Ramparts - Climb to the top of Guy's and Caesar's towers on the rampart trail
Bear Tower - The Fifteenth Century: The county of Warwickshire and the heraldic crest of the Earls of Warwick are represented by a Bear and Ragged Staff, symbols whose history can be traced back to Warwick Castle including the keeping of a bear on site in the fifteenth century. In heraldry, a bear represents courage - but who is brave enough to venture into the never-seen-before Tower with its recently unearthed bear pit?

Watergate Tower - The Sixteenth Century: Reputedly haunted by the ghost of Sir Fulke Greville - playwright, poet, Member of Parliament…and victim of a gruesome murder - the Watergate Tower tells the tale of a notable life brought short by a disloyal, dagger-wielding servant. Fulke's restless spirit is said to roam the tower - just one reason few people in living memory have ventured inside.

Guards' Room - The Seventeenth Century: In 1642, during the Civil War, Warwick Castle - a stronghold for Parliamentary forces under its owner, Robert Greville - was besieged by Royalists stationed at St Mary's Church in Warwick. This Guards' Room at the top of Guy's Tower was remodelled to fire cannons rather than arrows: visitors can experience the musty, smoky living conditions endured by the guards as they awaited attack and bore the ultimately futile siege.


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